Court of Arbitration for Sports dismisses appeal by Liberian Football Association President

Musa Hassan Bility, current President of the Liberian Football association, was banned from presenting his candidacy for FIFA presidency election in February 2016. The FIFA ad-hoc election committee denied his candidacy in November 2015 and Musa Bility filed an appeal against the decision before the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Geneva. The Ad-hoc Committee’s decision was based on an integrity checks by the Investigatory Chamber of FIFA of the Ethics Committee the Mr. Bility had failed to pass.

According to The News Mr. Bility appeal was to overturn the Ad-hoc committee’s decision that he claims are based solely relied on third party information based on disputable sources and unfounded claims. His legal team has also asked for compensation for damages to his reputation.

On December 23rd the panel composed of three arbitrators, Mr. Hendrek Willem Kesler (Netherlands), Mr. Muchadeyi Ashton Masunda (Zimbabwe) and Mr. Bernhard Heusler (Switzerland), reviewed the application on an expedited procedure and gave a final decision on the merits. The panel refused the appeal and upheld the Ad-hoc Election Committee’s decision. The award is yet to be made public.

There are currently 6 approved candidates for the FIFA presidency which include Toky Sexwale, the only African in the running.

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