What is available on I-Arb?

Country Profile

Take a look at our compilation of preliminary profile information on each African country regarding signed Bilateral Investment Treaties, important arbitration conventions and treaties signed and ratified (NYC, ICSID), national arbitration legislations and arbitration centers as well as known arbitration cases.

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Africa at ICSID

Africa at ICSID is an up to date analysis of past and on-going arbitration cases concerning African parties at ICSID. Read it now!

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Africa’s 100

Africa’s 100 is an open list of African arbitration practitioners whose experience in arbitration (domestic or international), knowledge of international law or other relevant fields make them eligible to be appointed as arbitrators. The list is developed by an Advisory Board consisting of the leading African arbitration practitioners around the world. Find an African arbitrator now!

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African Arbitration Calendar

African Arbitration Calendar, is a regularly
updated list of events related to international arbitration being held in Africa. Find and attend arbitration events near you!
Organizing an event? Send us the details here:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Arbitration Directory

The Arbitration Directory is an online networking platform for international arbitration experts focused on Africa. It profiles international arbitration practitioners from Africa and around the world facilitating greater synergy and collaboration between them. Join the directory and make yourself known in the community!

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Enforcement database

Access over 150 decisions on the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards by African courts as well as decisions by non-African courts on cases concerning at least 1 African party. With decisions from over 15 jurisdictions, this database is one of a kind!

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How does I-Arb contribute to African Arbitration?



Creating awareness
Increasing access
Promoting Africa
Providing analysis
Creating physical networking
Creating awareness about international arbitration developments relating to Africa through curated news and weekly newsletters. Increasing access to information through the collection of arbitration laws; awards; enforcement case-law and other relevant documents from each African country Promoting Africa and African through the development of a list of African arbitrators and a directory of African practitioners as well as Africa experts. Providing analysis by African experts on on-going developments through regularly published blogs and podcast interviews. Creating physical networking and experience sharing spaces through annual regional arbitration conferences in East, West & Central and Southern Africa.



IARB Previously Collaborated With

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Strachan Partners
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Cour d’Arbitrage de Cote d’Ivoire

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