Cameroon: GICAM reorganizes its arbitration centre to adapt it to the international environment

Célestin Tawamba (photo), president of Groupement inter-patronal du Cameroun (Gicam), Cameroon’ss largest employers' organization, is scheduled to give a press conference. According to a press release published by the GICAM, Célestin Tawamba will present the various amendments to the provisions of GICAM’s arbitration and mediation centre.

One of these amendments is the change of this centre’s name from Gicam Arbitration Centre to Gicam Mediation and Arbitration Centre.

“Following the revision of the Ohada Uniform Act on Arbitration and the adoption of the Ohada Uniform Act on Mediation on 23 November 2017, it was necessary to adapt the practice of the arbitration centre to this new text. In addition to this adaptation work, it also seemed useful to modernize the arbitration centre’s offers in light of the international environment and the current state of alternative dispute resolution methods. With this in mind, the arbitration centre has reformed both its texts and services,” Gicam indicates.

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