Book Alert: The Transformation of Arbitration in Africa

This text examines the role of arbitration institutions generally in the arbitration process and in particular in the development of arbitration in Africa.

Most of the chapters are dedicated to certain arbitration Centres in Africa primarily as examples of the types of Arbitral centres on the continent and the nature of their work. The discussions focus of regional arbitration centres (such as Cairo Regional Centre and OHADA, CCJA) to national centres (such as Lagos Court of Arbitration and the Ghana Arbitration Centre) and international arbitration centres (such as Kigali and LCIA-MIAC). This text also gives an insight into how arbitration centres on the continent can better collaborate and share their arbitral space; market their domestic businesses, and the need for an association of these arbitral centres in Africa.

This book is edited by Dr Emilia Onyema, SOAS University of London and was published by Kluwer in 2016.

The book is available for purchase here.

Source: Iarbafrica

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