Survey: Domestic and International Arbitration: Perspectives from African Arbitration Practitioners and Users

This is the maiden Arbitration in Africa Survey of arbitration practitioners and users through which we shall obtain original data and information on the thoughts, experience and needs of the arbitration community and their users in Africa.

This survey aims to fill the gap in other global surveys on arbitration by focusing solely on Africa. This Africa focus facilitates three important objectives:

i. It provides a platform for Africans to express their views and experiences of and in arbitration.

ii. It will effectively articulate our ‘African voices’ in international arbitration discourse.

iii. It will provide evidence from the users of arbitration in Africa which should inform government policies in this field and bring about change that will meet the expressed needs of the users of arbitration on the continent.

The questionnaire contains 36 questions and will take a maximum of 15 minutes to complete. This questionnaire is in three languages, Arabic, English and French.

Please click on here to take the questionnaire.


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