SOAS Arbitration in Africa survey launched

The survey that focuses on the theme Domestic and International Arbitration: Perspectives from African Arbitration Practitioners has been launched on May 2nd in Kigali during the SOAS Arbitration in Africa Conference. The survey was done by SOAS University of London and Broderick, Bozimo and Company.

The Report from the survey of African arbitration practitioners provides original data and information on their expertise, experience, skills and views on arbitration and the depth of their participation in domestic and international arbitration.

The data provides the, long absent and much needed, African voices in arbitration. Finally, it provides some explanation for the imbalanced representation of African arbitrators,counsel and tribunal secretaries in international arbitration, from the perspective of the Africans themselves.

The survey Report therefore provides the facts on which to base future discussions on the expertise, experience, skills and participation of African arbitration practitioners The full report can be accessedhere.


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