Enforcement sought against Equatorial Guinea aircraft

In 2014 Orange Middle East and Africa secured a 135 million euro international court of arbitration award against the Republic of Equatorial Guinea as previously reported in I-Arb Africa. According to the report The company previously unsuccessfully attempted to get the award before a court in the District of Columbia in Washington.

OMEA filed for an emergency ex-parte motion seeking to attach an aircraft owned by the Republic of Equatorial Guinea on June 20th. On June 22, the judge granted the motion and put an order that upon OMEA's filing with the Court of a certification that a bond in the amount of $1,000,000.00, has been issued by an approved surety and that the U.S. Marshal's Service is directed to execute a pre-judgment attachment of Boeing 777-200 LR, license CS-TQX and to seize the Aircraft until such time as the Court resolves the merits of the Plaintiff's Complaint and request for recognition of a foreign monetary judgment.

This is the second time an aircraft owned by an African government that was attached in North America based on an unpaid arbitral award.

Orange Middle East and Africa is represented by Dechert LLP. More information on the case can be found here.

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